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Embajador de Panoskin en España


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Emilio Murias Aumente is Google Street View Trusted photographer.


Here is an overview about me

Emilio Murias walking down La Palma



Emilio Murias Aumente

Web developer.

I was born in a village (no longer exists) called San Martin de los Eiros in Cangas del Narcea. That town was where I made my first pranks, where I learned childish things … and where I lived mining very closely. Below the village there were coal mines and that is the reason that now there is no such people. So I had to move to live in a new area. However, that was not a problem as is Asturias Natural Paradise. “The tierrina” always made me great memories and friends. But there came a time when I had to make the difficult decision to leave my homeland with a new one. The reason was a beautiful canary girl who became my wife and gave me the wonderful child who today have.

There are many things that make life. To me it marked me to have to make that decision with a job and a client to live perfectly calm dedicating myself to that. But not weighed or losing a job nor leave away the family nor friends nor the places I knew …

Today I can say that I have found stability. There is little in these times. I’m on a beautiful island where I have met many people and where I feel very comfortable. I’m really good. I can say I was right at the time to make that decision.

Like other major arrived that day. One was the day I decided I could do a lot of web pages and make profit, despite charge very affordable prices, a hobby that could take me up endless hours working in front of a screen. True, it is a job that takes time and sometimes causes the brain has to work at top speed, but no less satisfying finish a job and deliver it to the customer.

So even though I have many hobbies such as photography, parties, Asturian cider, good food, hiking, travel … is fortunate that a person trust me so that i will make its entry into the digital world.

Today a company can not be without a website. Years ago a phone is looking in a phone book. Today is sought from a smartphone not only the phone number but also data such as location on a map, opening times, people who work there, email contact, technical data, photographs of a product, the price a meal in a restaurant .. or even shop directly online. The world has changed. Now little remains of that world that I knew when I was small in San Martin de los Eiros. We are in a time where everything is global today. If a problem occurs in America know the minute in Europe. If there’s a party in Oceania we too can be in it from one screen.

If you want a website feel free to contact me. We will be happy to shape their digital business.



Here we will be putting a sample of customers who rely on us to make the website


These are my skills. Want to help me improve?The more work you will develop more developed!

  • Website Development 90%
  • Email marketing 80%
  • Google Maps 100%
  • Seriousness 100%
  • Commitment 100%
  • Marketing 90%

"Design is hard work. Striving for excellence in design is even harder."

-Archie Boston



2001 -2002

Scholar Services

From October 2001 to September 2002

Scholar Services at the University of Oviedo

At this stage the computer services computer rooms with the integrated management of servers, computers, printers etc were coordinated



From May 2003 to October 2003


Commercial Advisory ASTELCOM working for companies in Gijón.

2003 - 2004

Insurance agent

From November 2003 to March 2004

Insurance agent

Nortehispana: were made safe for the Calalana Occidente group.


Trade Expert

From April 2004 to June 2004

Trade Expert

Aquanor: Worked as Sales Agent performing water analysis and offering, if any, techniques to improve the quality of it

2015- 2018

Google Street View | Trusted

2015- 2018

Google Street View | Trusted

Google Street View fotógrafo de Confianza. Como fotógrafo de Confianza Certificado por Google para el servicio Street View hago trabajos relacionados con Google Maps y con Tour Virtuales en 360º que se pueden ver no sólo desde Google Maps sino desde cualquier dispositivo.

2004 - 2006


From July 2004 to December 2006


Commercial Astur: At this stage he worked as a commercial brand of central vacuum DRAINVAC putting an end to the employment relationship to move from Asturias to La Palma

2007 - 2011


From January 2007 until April 2011


Ayumar. At this stage he worked mainly warehouse management.



Personal Productivity in the Digital Age


In 2018, all the tests of the Personal Productivity course in the Digital Age taught by Google were passed in collaboration with the Santa María la Real del Patrimonio Histórico Foundation.

2014 - 2015

New web developments

From 2014

Discover new programming methods

A year later I discovered new changes in programming and web design. The truth is that the foundations are still very similar in terms of programming HTML and PHP, but today you can do real wonders without having to write code (as it did before) but now you can make the most colorful things and with many more possibilities and directly insert a youtube video or a Facebook page (things that a few years ago did not exist). Therefore I decided much to learn to use new technologies and here I am.

In this way I did the courses of Email Marketing and Create Your Business of Electronic Commerce with Witcamp.

2015 - 2018

Google Street View | Trusted

2015 - 2018

Google Street View |Trusted

Durante el año 2015 se recibió la formación de Google para convertirse en Fotógrafo de Confianza de Google Street View (del servicio Google Maps).

1995 - 2002

On arrival at the University

From 1995 to 2002

University of Oviedo

The passage through the university always leaves a tremendous mark. In my case there was a change of residence (thus involves being away from my parents) and also a change from friends and area. Fortunately Oviedo is a wonderful city and is very easy to feel at home in a place.

In my case I went to the School of Computer Engineering. Once I was studying I soon discovered that my vocation (besides computers) were sales. However, up to that time before I started to move as Fellow of Computer Services. I learned many things both at work with servers like normal computers, projectors, printers, networking, etc

1990 - 2015

digital Technologies

From 1990 Until Today

digital Technologies

Over the years I have always been in contact with all kinds of devices which has given me a lot of experience at the user level. I have good youth (and I have the ability) with good maturity (since I have experience). The change of generation and explosion of all digital technology caught me squarely. What's more, there were many people in the generation that did not follow the latest digital trends. However, I do have always liked and have always experimented with them. This is what has given me the tendency to digitize.


Digital Marketing


In 2018, all the tests of the Digital Marketing course taught by Google Activate and by IAB Spain were passed, in which all the tests of all the modules with excellent results were passed.

2017 - 2018

Spatial Data Infrastructure of the Canary Islands

2017 - 2018

In 2017 the Diploma is obtained by Cartographic of the Canary Islands S.A. For the use of the Canary Islands Spatial Data Infrastructure course in which aspects such as Geoportal IDE Canarias, OGC Services, basic and advanced tools of the Grafcan Viewer (dependent on the Government of the Canary Islands) as well as viewer in smartphone and tablet were worked on.


Cloud Computing


EIn 2018, the Cloud Computing course was given by Google Avtívate and the School of Industrial Organization.


E- Commerce


In 2018 All the tests of the Electronic Commerce course taught by Google Activate and the School of Industrial Organization were passed in which all the tests of all the modules with outstanding results were passed.


Murias Digital prices vary depending on the type of work to be done (Web Design, Email Marketing, Consulting, Training, Virtual Tour …).

You can consult at any time with us and we will pass a budget without any commitment.

What I can help you?

If anything I can help do not hesitate to contact me.

Working Process

................... IDEA


.............. DESIGN




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