Here is an overview about me

Emilio Murias walking down La Palma



Emilio Murias Aumente

Web developer.

I was born in a village (no longer exists) called San Martin de los Eiros in Cangas del Narcea. That town was where I made my first pranks, where I learned childish things … and where I lived mining very closely. Below the village there were coal mines and that is the reason that now there is no such people. So I had to move to live in a new area. However, that was not a problem as is Asturias Natural Paradise. “The tierrina” always made me great memories and friends. But there came a time when I had to make the difficult decision to leave my homeland with a new one. The reason was a beautiful canary girl who became my wife and gave me the wonderful child who today have.

There are many things that make life. To me it marked me to have to make that decision with a job and a client to live perfectly calm dedicating myself to that. But not weighed or losing a job nor leave away the family nor friends nor the places I knew …

Today I can say that I have found stability. There is little in these times. I’m on a beautiful island where I have met many people and where I feel very comfortable. I’m really good. I can say I was right at the time to make that decision.

Like other major arrived that day. One was the day I decided I could do a lot of web pages and make profit, despite charge very affordable prices, a hobby that could take me up endless hours working in front of a screen. True, it is a job that takes time and sometimes causes the brain has to work at top speed, but no less satisfying finish a job and deliver it to the customer.

So even though I have many hobbies such as photography, parties, Asturian cider, good food, hiking, travel … is fortunate that a person trust me so that i will make its entry into the digital world.

Today a company can not be without a website. Years ago a phone is looking in a phone book. Today is sought from a smartphone not only the phone number but also data such as location on a map, opening times, people who work there, email contact, technical data, photographs of a product, the price a meal in a restaurant .. or even shop directly online. The world has changed. Now little remains of that world that I knew when I was small in San Martin de los Eiros. We are in a time where everything is global today. If a problem occurs in America know the minute in Europe. If there’s a party in Oceania we too can be in it from one screen.

If you want a website feel free to contact me. We will be happy to shape their digital business.