As a tourist moves today

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As a tourist moves today

Let’s take the example of a customer who wants to go to a restaurant, although it might be a hairdresser, a shop, a store …

The first thing you will do is to search for information on Google. It is logical that if the company does not have a website has less options capture the customer. If then also no worse social networks yet. Therefore you have to be online. The customer wants to know where the business, which can offer you all the information possible.

What usually happens is the first tourist is searching Google (and access to the website if available). Facebook then searches information on courses, schedules, photos, how is the restaurant, if people decide to go, geographic location, if the waiters speak different languages ​​or language of the letter, access facilities for the disabled, large own parking or any other information. Hence the importance of being present. Keep both website as Facebook and complement and link. The business that does not have these two tools you forget to sell. It will sell customer lifetime. It will not sell the new client. It’s hard to say but it is the reality of today.

There is also a service that is being used much is the service of Google Maps.


Years ago we went out to the street using maps or asking people. Today we use Google Maps and even Street View. It is very important to appear positioned in Google Maps is very interesting and even add a virtual tour in which the client can directly see the facilities, menu, data phone, address etc. Just a Smartphone with GPS anyone can get to any restaurant that is verified in Google Maps with just follow the map and we will show you the place you want to go and where we are. Therefore it is impossible for the customer is lost. And will always find the restaurant.

Once the client queries on Google and Facebook and Google Maps and decided to go to that restaurant so many times you decide to book. Therefore it is very important to the reservation information (by phone) or by a form or web page … customer must provide all operations so that you can go to the restaurant!

From there there are things that some tourists and others do not. Here are things that no longer report directly to the restaurant but the customer. Many customers come in and the first thing they do is locate geographically. Once they show where they are launching a Tweet about the place and even to get the first dish was posted on Instagram.

When you leave the restaurant and get home possibly comment on trip or on your own blog or on your Facebook.

Therefore there are key aspects to have restaurants: Website and Facebook and Google Maps. They can do a lot more support for the user but those 3 and you can be happy with the person that knows the business. You can drive, you can contact, reservations …

And then continue up to the user interaction or not. But there are some very important aspects of the business itself (which are valid for both the client and the new lifetime) and accessible but that sometimes do not care. It is important that when the customer arrives will attend. If you can be fast. It is very advisable to have staff who speak different languages ​​to get along with the person visiting us to provide the experience. It should also be sufficient staff and variety of services available. In the case of the restaurant is much appreciated the availability of child seats, dishes without gluten … All these aspects can be made and are key to the user. But beware! Also for tourists. why? For the tourist will look comments. If the comments are positive it will rely on that business. If the results are negative will go to the competition. But also if the tourist is going content (eg because the end of the meal you are invited to a shot or dessert are gifted to have made an important food) is very likely to pass thank and not say anything to post comments on Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, your own personal blog …. And that comment because it will put out not only satisfied but happy with his treatment and even grateful. That customer will bring more customers. So you have to take care of each and every customer.

Resumiento: If you have a business you have to have a website linked with Facebook and Google Maps verified account with which customers can access a virtual tour of the business. Those are the steps required to be on the internet. It is a necessary and essential showcase. But we must also treat the customer well, having material, services, everything that could be beneficial for it and that all staff make an effort to take care of all the details so that the client does not feel cared but carefully as We take care of our friends. Keep in mind that comments from satisfied customers translate into reserves. Just see how Booking hotel and valuation work. If there is good value and good comments trust the hotel. If the reviews are negative we are still looking (even when we set the price correctly).

And you? Do you have a business and you do not have website? Do you lack social networks? Are not you in Google Maps with a virtual tour ?. If the answer to these questions is yes sorry to tell you that you are losing potential new customers. If you meet all these premises you will be ready to receive customers. From there it’s a matter of seeing price competition, product care and work internally. The window facing the Internet and have it mounted.