Differences between a social network and a website

Escrito por EmilioMurias |21 May 15 | 103 comments

Differences between a social network and a website

I recently met a person who said to me that if you already have Facebook Why would you want a website? It’s a good question! Undoubtedly. Surely many times more than one has happened to us over the head. The answer is simple: because they are two very different things. Which one is best? We split:
1) When you have a website you are the owner and have full control of the information. If, instead, you choose a social network you have a lack of control and you have to adapt to the terms and conditions imposed on you and if do something they do not like, you can even delete the account. The comparison between having a house and rent it is: the website would be a home ownership while a social network would be a simple rental.
2) With a website you can create corporate email while on a social network going to have the same direction as anyone.
3) A website allows you to own the content. Social networking makes the content accessible to everyone so you do not have ownership of the content or photos or videos you post to it. Furthermore you give access to services that analyze your tastes, connection times … By the time you share information will be publicly available. Facebook (most used social network) is not clear a helpdesk solution to privacy issues and dissatisfaction.
4) In a website you can make the design you want (colors, pictures, videos etc) while on a social network you are going to say what they are allowed to do or not. Besides all Facebook pages are equal (or social networks). You can not do much different than what your competition will.
5) Easy to find: the page is more cumbersome having to type the URL (Unless you come from a link) but that information is always accessible, while the social network with access to information is done with just a click. However this information is becoming increasingly remote as more things are published
6) Advertising on a website you can leave without advertising or putting making money. With a social network will not jump much publicity you can rent parts of the site to make money.
7) With a website you have total control of comments that occur in it. Facebook (a social network) do not have any control and run the risk of bad reviews do you much harm.
8) Users of a web page are reluctant to comment while social network users have it easy to comment on anything they find.
9) A trend in recent years is going in a booming online sales. Most web pages intended (in one way or another) to achieve a sale. Nothing better than having an online store where the customer buys when you want from your home quietly. With Facebook (or other social network) can be getting such information from a product but not a sale is managed directly. The main trick is to use social networks to attract users to the website and (once I got there) make the purchase in the online store website.
10) It is important to know that social networking is not an enemy with a web page. They can complement and work well together. The network would link friendly to attract customers while the website makes closing the sale.
11) Social networks vary and are fashioned by time. For people to see the information in a social network they must also be in the same social network. Therefore it is highly recommended but to cover all users should post on any social network, while the website will always be accessible to anyone with a computer connected to the Internet.

Do not build a house on land that is not yours. Use social media to attract potential customers to your home but do not make them feel that your home is social networking. The website is the strong link that supports your business information while social networks are responsible for providing wider dissemination of that information.

In conclusion: a web site and a social network are different things that with proper combination can be more successful than any of the previous two separately. The website would be supported by the company while the social network is a tool for greater interaction in social media but does not replace the formality and functions that can offer a web page. Furthermore it is considered that the presence of companies on social networks is not bad because it allows to interact easily with the (current and potential) client, though: if a social network is used there to answer users and interact with they. If we create a social network and not use it is useless.

Want to have your business in the twenty-first century? By image, reputation, service, match the competition, proximity to your customers … for all …. Use social networking combined with the website.