Four characteristics that must have a web in 2015

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Four characteristics that must have a web in 2015

Four characteristics that must have a web in 2015

    Not worth it. Not because your company has a web means that your online presence is to be effective. As the Internet evolves was work to keep up is much greater and requires a better knowledge of the environment.

Make your web responsive (adaptable):

More and more users accessing internet through non-traditional devices (50%). The importance of making our site can be ideally from any of these windows is extremely important. There are still a lot of money companies spend on websites that despite being aesthetically beautiful can not be seen properly from a smartphone or tablet. Today web no longer made with flash (Tan fashionable very recently) because you can not see in most mobile phones. Therefore, as we moved shirt when we are too small, just as we have to adapt to the times with a web page that can be viewed properly on any device.

Make a facelift and added a blog:

If you maintain a website for years and believe with that it … you are sadly mistaken. The development is so rapid that being fashionable should do a facelift from time to time. Remember that there are many tricks to help you improve your web without having to redo a great investment.

Try to keep your website updated and current. For this you can use a blog, the feeling that it will give your customers will be much more professional.

Manages a Facebook page:

Facebook is the social network that is succeeding globally and added to a web page. There are still people who think that having Facebook already have your business online. Facebook has to be complemented by the website. Never run alone. The results come when both are complementary. But not talking about a Facebook profile but a page. The profiles are filled with news that have nothing to do with the company. Many times there are users glancing on Facebook of a company and are with news that have nothing to do with it. Therefore you have to create a Facebook page linked to the Facebook profile and so really show in our page (not on our wall) information you really want to show to all our fans.

Common Sense:

It is logical that websites catch the eye in the opening seconds. When a web we do not like we tend to close in the first seconds. However, if we add a relevant image, attractive design, a clear menu, relevant, updated topics … we can make our visitor stays connected to our site. If you also generate important content for the web then we can get the time duration on the web is greater. From here we play with common sense: depending on the type of business that we can do different things but always aimed at attracting customers to our business. How Come? For example with gray sale (do not sell anything on the first visit but we managed a subscription to email marketing).