Reasons to Create a Website

Escrito por EmilioMurias |21 Mar 19 |

Reasons to Create a Website

Today, with the crisis, business owners strive to eliminate expenses. However, crop budgets in creating a website is a big mistake. Here are a few reasons:

1) Your website does have competition. If you’re not online you’re losing sales opportunities facing the opponent. In a case in which a competitor has no website will have an advantage when creating yours about him.

2) People will find you on the internet. When you look you have to be for you to find. Would you have a business without phone?

3) Your business open 24 hours. With a physical store just open certain hours on certain days. If you are in internet you get the customer to go quietly to your business to see what you have and so see things when you really have time. Also you can even make purchases from home.

4) Websites are an excellent advertising. Much better than catalogs … With a website you can reach millions of people (including foreigners who do not know the island). You can provide an email address with map included, phone numbers, who you are, what you sell, what are the prices …

5) Build brand image. No matter how great the company. With a website you’ll look like a bigger than you are now. The customer expects you to have website.

6) Grow your sales. If the consumer sees your products or services you can reach any interest. If you do not see what you sell rest assured that you will not buy anything.

7) Know your customer perception. With forms, contests, comments … knowing you will achieve what you like customer, know what you think, how you can improve …

8) You reach new markets. With the traditional business you are present for people who walk in front of the business. With Internet you can reach people who have never crossed your street.

9) You will be able to sell online and quickly. When a customer walks into your website is as if he were attending a seller. He is teaching the product photos, description, price … You’re doing the job of a salesman and, on many occasions, and brings you the direct customer to the store to buy or charge it even from the website itself. Every day more people shop online.

10) Improve communications with the consumer. Forms can do with a blog … Note that the client can be on the street and not know you phone memory, a customer can come to your store without ever having been ….. and that same Customer may make comments to customers in other faraway places … If you connect with social networks can exponentially increase the information being transmitted.

In short: This is not an expense but an investment needed. Do not you? Do not you have website yet? Or do you have a page of more than 10 years ago? Should we start thinking about renovating your old page or make your first website!