Use of Internet and new technologies

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Use of Internet and new technologies

Recently, I attended a talk given by the National Police on the use of internet and new technologies. When we read the title is the first thing that crosses your mind may be something like “I already know how the Internet works,” “What I will tell me” or “is there anyone who does not yet know how it really works? “Yes. That’s the way. But nothing closer to reality.

First of all we must always keep in mind that everything we do online leaves a mark (fingerprint). It serves to delete an email account or your Facebook not open more … Today we mark with Facebook Like, when we send a Whatsapp, when searching on Google, when entering a web, when ordering online when contacted by email or form …

It’s funny but before using an application (such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram …) give conditions for use. Normally, I would say that over 99% of users of these applications do not read the terms and conditions, or in other words: it’s as if we go to the bank and sign a contract without reading what it says.

As well. When we look closely we see that these conditions give permission to turn on the webcam if the application requires it or change the phonebook contacts or connect the audio at any time or place our current position or access email messages … I really would access all that things if we were to read the conditions of use of the applications? Probably not! But we do not read.

When we enter a website should be accessible usage rules. Either as legal advice or Privacy Policy or any such name. When a developer makes a site should make clear the process of collecting data and what it is they will use things like cookies. When this occurs, the user can check and see the conditions of use and read quietly. They not usually read either but should be available. The good news is that the terms are usually always very good and user-friendly, that is, cookies are used to improve the browsing experience on the Web, for statistical data, to see the traffic coming to the site, to see if connecting from mobile or PC or if our customers come from one country to another … Anyway usually use conditions would never involve actions of the type shown above as webcam or turn on the sound. However, we use everyday applications in the mobile and PC that do not really know (or not) what we can do. Here comes the problem: when using these applications (often developed in other countries) we agree to come under its terms.

What does that mean? That when we go to Facebook and publish a photo we can not say that this picture is ours. The information is from the network. That means it can quickly spread that picture to people who are not our friends and strangers reach.

But it is that, all contacts are our friends ?. We may have contacts you do not know in person. And of course, we tell them that we with our children on holiday and also send our location … Thus accessing our social network will see our address and even we are encouraging them to come to steal and no one at home and already have our address .

Yes. In fact, it is an exaggerated case. But it is happening. These are things that we reveal without any care and can get to see strangers. Take a case: We go to a bar and get to talk to a stranger and explain what home live and also we will be out … and put pictures of our family (if located near the home …). You really would do? What if we are already doing but in a social network ?.

There are many online our data. Now someone will say … that goes. I keep my real name and I cheat. For still you notice you walk one day to see some flowers and then every time you browse are two months out nonstop ads on flowers … and also about the car that you were watching …. I because? For your information (not yet certain) are stored and passed to companies that manage ads to announce what you want. Of course man. What will show a man how to fly a crow if what you like is the kitchen? That person will advertise things you kitchen while advertising animal but it does leave another user that interests better. Besides, do you seriously think that by putting false information you can go do what they please without giving you abide by the law? Police are not stupid! Well it does not want to generalize but say that there are some of them that have many skills and access to powerful information about you.

Recently they came to light photos of naked girls who are famous. Services used “Cloud”. Is it really safe? How could it be? As in several ways. From hacking keys to an application that gives permission to read email or access the gallery photos from your Smartphone.

Another example is the one that came out a while about a madman who used to turn on the webcam laptops, tablets, PCs … so that spied on all neighbors. Keep computer skills to do that and it is true that if you get caught you descuertizan (to put it in some way) but … why risk it? It is advisable to cover the webcam with a small sticker when not in use. Have not you thought? Do you really like that a computer is in the room where your child is changing clothes with a camera placed an unfortunate turn can reach without asking permission? And what if you’ve already given permission to an application for haerlo?

Precisely why I talked about the difference between a website and a social network as on the website is managed otherwise the process data. In Spain there LOPD and they have to fulfill certain things. For example, in the US websites put you in a page that of Subscribe and just put the email and send. Here in Spain it is useless. Here we must put clear usage rules. I because? Because when a user sends data online to a website we have to comply with current legislation. “Yes, it’s that I do not store data,” says one. And but … if you put a web form to contact you and send you name surname phone number … THAT ARE DATA address. Therefore in Spain should be treated differently and walk more carefully while daily use social networks and applications that we are collecting our fingerprint.

We return to the subject of the fingerprint: We have a little clearer that what we do on the Internet or mobile marking. We also have more clear that what we do with a web page has a different regulation to applications and social networks.

So … You really need to know about the Internet and the use of new technologies? Surely more than one thinks differently than when you started reading the article.

That’s all that we reflect: Today we are dedicated to “upload information”. We are sociable. Is that bad? No not at all. Just have some careful what goes down. We should not make videos that they may compromise (eg if a certain person who was a councilor of a municipality in Spain) or photos that may be considered problematic.

Then we enter a new dimension: When our children use our mobile … or if we forward some information we we are responsible for the information sent. If we get for example the case of a picture of a naked child and will give forward we are distributing child pornography. Eye because it is heavily punished by law and the problems that we can get are very fat. Therefore we must always be careful about what it takes on the mobile (we can steal or an oversight made a forward and then we leave it where we post …). Also with the computer, the Tablet etc. We are responsible for our actions and there that fingerprint. That is, you do something outrageous if the police come asking for explanations. Do we really want that? We do not want. Nor forces and state security bodies. Therefore we are not gross and begin to think a little about what we do with new technologies.

That’s my thought: Think when things are done and behave exactly like OUR DAILY LIFE. We have social networks do not allow us to insult people. Our Whatsapp are the repera not mean that we have to walk our data bank sending location beliefs sexual pleasure etc. That is the key: if our behavior to new technologies is how we do in real life should not have much bigger problem. Look in real life if you’re a pimp and you dedicate yourself to insult people and burning containers will understand that what I’m writing is not for you.

It is true that most users do not think these pranks (in some cases) or criminal acts (other) but so is that there is a potential danger and that we should not give them the opportunity to annoy. So do not be alarmed with everything I’ve written previously but we can think that this is possible and that at some point could occur again. It would not be the first time.

Make responsible use of new technologies and footprint you leave and have certain rights but also with obligations.