Why you should renew your website?

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Why you should renew your website?

Why you should renew your website?

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This is one of the main reasons. In Web Design, as in everything in life has to do with the design, there are fashions and trends and when a site has a few years it shows. And the customer can be very happy with your website because you like a lot, but the truth is they do not have to see it for its taste but also for the user experience is to give your potential customers. It must be renewed if you do not want visitors to your web lasting less than ten seconds. Want a website that represents your business? Want a good showcase business Online? If yes do not sleep with your Web site!

2nd Ease of use.

What could be fashionable a few years ago may no longer be. Therefore, we must analyze the structure of the web, the navigation mode, the number of clicks to be given to access to information, the type of texts and images, animations, etc. Today, we want our customers to enter our website and find what they want as quickly as possible.

3rd. Tablets, Notebooks, All in One, PCs and Smartphones.

If your website has a considerable time may not be a “responsive” or adaptive web. That is, almost certainly will not be correctly on phones and tablets. Considering that half of many web users accessed from Tablet or Smartphone must be very careful with this. It can not be that someone tries to access your website from your phone and can not browse your website because it looks properly.

4th. Flash.

Forget. If you want to position your website, if you want it to look good on mobile devices and ultimately if you want your users do not have any problems when they reach your website, forget the flash as a base element or as a complement to web design of your page . Web design has to be based on technologies such as HTML5 and Flash forget obsolete. A company that has a web page can not afford to be only a certain audience. You can not depend on the type of connection used by a person to reach (or not) to that prospect.

5th Contents Organization.

Today almost all web follow a pattern more or less established that makes users know navigate through the website and find what they are looking for. It is very important to analyze how they are organized content to be accessible in the best possible way by your users and this may be one of the clearest reasons why you should renew the web design if your website has a few years and is all messed up.

6 browsers.

Chances are if your website has more than five years should be scheduled at the time considering the great reference as Internet Explorer. Keep in mind that today, Chrome and Firefox are very solid alternative to the browser and the website may not display correctly in both these browsers like Safari, Opera or even higher versions of Internet Explorer . Nor can we forget the smartphone that could come with their own browsers.

7th Renew or die.

And finally, for ignoring the saying, renew or die. And, if one tries not only loyalty but also attract new customers. Renew the web design of your website if it is crying. Can you imagine getting dressed today with shoes and shirts that used seven years ago? Similarly happens with Web pages: in no time technologies change, fashions, ways of seeing things, to seek …